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tv   ABC2 News at 5PM  ABC  October 31, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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and many customers, for the most part, haven't had much to complain about. a flurry of activity came within 36 hours of the outage. >> i was sitting in a chair here watching tv and the lights went out. what i heard was this telephone pole right here. the transformer popped. when the tree and the people went across the road, it hit the line. it whipsawed and the transformer came right off the top. i heard that hit. >> reporter: sandy knocked out powero almost 350,000 customers. with millions of outages in new jersey and new york, many people here are thankful. >> it's hard to imagine, the pictures of new york city. yellow cabs covered to the
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roofs. we were lucky. >> reporter: bge is moving swiftly to tackle the toppled trees and downed lines. >> the guide wire needs to be pulled out of the tree. >> reporter: the crew drove from missouri to lend a helping hand. >> 17 hours, and it was not with we expected. >> reporter: it's the same expectation many had. now many of them are thankful, with the help of these crews, that they should rebound so quickly. they've come in. they stayed out of their way.
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they've been very responsive. if you walk over, they talk with you. i'm very happy with what they've done. they've gotten us up and running so far pretty quickly. >> the missouri linemen said they spent five days in louisiana after katrina. once they finish their work they are expected to be sent north to help with new jersey and new york. all of us are looking at trees differently. we had a contractor killed when a tree fell on him on homewood avenue. the victim died at scene. firefighters said the man was part of the crew contracted to clean up trees in the area. in towson they were working to remove a tree that came down on this house. with all the rain that we have seen from sandy, the tree service got the truck stuck and had to deeing that out.
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>> sandy's down -- winds down trees. at one point more than 5 roads were closed -- 50 roads were closed. let's go to millers island. testify that been through storms. people said isabelle was the worst storm for them. with sandy they were pleased with how the storm came back. >> i thought the power would be out by 3:00 in the afternoon. it -- it came back on at 3:30 in the morning. if they had said a few days, i would have been happy with that. >> millers island did see damage. drivers had to be rerouted on york road in cockeysville. it exposed a hole in the bridge.
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the plant was shut down in 1958. to see some of the photos of the collapse, you can did to our website. our team coverage continues now with a road trip many of us have taken for years. >> a big chunk of this famous resort. >> reporter: the damage here in atlantic city is absolutely mind boggling. you can see around me how much debris was tbloan when -- blown in when hurricane sandy came through. you can see where the boardwalk once stood. pretty much all that's left are the pylons. this used to be out near the
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water. residents are trying to get an idea how long it will take this clean up. it's pretty much a ghost town. most of the streets are empty. they're making sure traffic is not flowing through has emergency services -- as emergency services continue to provide services. some people stayed around. we talked to them today and they said they stayed through and roaded it out. >> i was sitting in my bed in my room and the whole frame was shake. you don't know if the window would shatter. >> reporter: we spoke with the doctor who stayed in the area treating patients as hurricane sandy was blowing through. >> for emergencies and we had patients there. we need to keep them safe. >> reporter: president obama came through this area today, toured the area with governor
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christie via helicopter. president obama has pledged to support but it's going to take time. reporting from atlantic city. >> sandy didn't bring just rain and heavy winds. garrett county it was snowing. some people are getting close to 30 inches of snow. rest stops are shut down. and tonight 17,000 people are in the dark, no power. >> sandy continues to spin, some snow showers in garrett county. i think we're dry the rose of the night. it's impressive to see sandy swirling over erie, pennsylvania. the clouds continue to come.
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not a lot of moon or star lie. temperatures running cool. so as the kids -- as you head out with the kids, dress them warm, maybe put a layer under the costumes. download hour abc2 weather map. >> all right. next year i'm going to go as a weather app. here we are at the baltimore humane society. the shelter lost power. now everyone is struggling to care for the animals. deliveries of pet food and cat litter have been canceled for the week. to help keep them comfortable, get more information on donating to the shelter. >> we want to remind you.
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you need to be careful about driving through intersections. these intersections often cause a lot of confusion. keep in mind, when you come to an intersection without a light, street it like a four-way stop. there is a chance that your house or car was damaged in superstorm sandy. abc2 is working with you. as soon as you see damage take pictures and take notes to document the damage. you want to call your insurance agent right away. understand that policy. pay particular attention to the coverage and exclusions section of that policy. see detailed notes of all the conversations with the insurance company, when and what they said
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and the name of the supervisor. the blood drive cancellations -- that's in the good. if you'd like to donate call this number. coming up, we have a story about an 8-year-old who acted like a good samaritan. sadly, it cost him his life. >> getting a flu shot you do every year. why the annual tradition could be going away. >> we will introduce you to a truly ouchless band-aid.
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any bandage would pull right off the skean without -- skin without causing further damage. for all the latest health news and updates, you can go to our website, web -- >> they claim the surge of adrenaline creates bursts of stress to depress your appetite and burn calories. they say on average you can burn about 113 calories, which is about a 30 minutes walk. the movies that get your heart boat going -- beat going fast,
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the shining and jaws. >> i couldn't sleep anymore. >> the flood stage is 23.5. the highest forecast, happy to report, only 18.7. that will be tomorrow evening. we exeblght things to stay well within flood -- expect things to stay well within flood parameters. just about flood stage. we have flooding issues. you can see why the rain totals were off the charts, 8 to 12 inches of rain, even a couple of days later. how about some of the snow totals. red house maryland, been there, jamie? i know you've been to oakland. >> that's the 4th of july number, 24 inches.
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they have that on the 4th of july. >> that's big from a hurricane. west virginia getting close to 30. a time lapse, maryland's most western university. back here we're watching weather slowly improve, cloudy skies over kent island. how about a lock at disun dock -- look at dundalk today. sandy has really changed our pattern. what happened to the indian pattern. it's gone. it makes it really feel like fall. no question about that. current conditions 52 at bwi. sun set early tonight for the trick or treaters, and a light breeze. that's good for the trick or treaters, the ghouls and the goblins as they head out. weather will jen rally be okay.
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-- generally be okay. watch out for fallen branches. mostly cloudy, upper 40s. we're in this very november like air mass. average highs would be in the 60s. we're not going to get there as sandy continues to wrap in the cool northwesterly breezes. take a look at the setup. slow movement away as sandy sets there and churns over new york. we'll be over the cold low on president back side of sandy. dry but that cool hair continuing to flow. still putting down the rain tonight in michigan, canada, down through new york and parts of western pennsylvania. that is the legacy of sandy. 38 tonight. chilly to the bone out there, yes. tomorrow 53 degrees with a west breeze. i with have left that graphic up longer. i didn't know we had music.
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as we look at the outlook, sunshine on tap. it's going to be a decent weekend to keep cleaning up and clearing out the debris. it's good for the trick or treaters. i spooked myself. >> there's that band again. >> that would be just in team for halloween. coming up, they're a popular way to get deter gents into your dishwasher. >> there are dangers with those pods. >> and where sandy left the highest percentage of homes in the dark and how fast the lights are coming back on.
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a little boy died in front of his home trying to rescue stray dog. brandon ivy ran out in the street in front of his texas home to save the dog, never saw the pickup truck that killed him. brandon is being remembered as a popular hard working little boy. >> brandon was a kid, no matter what we asked him to do, he was there and giving it his all. >> brandon's coach had to break the news to the teammates. he called off practice. a little girl confused a plastic pod of liquid detergent for a balloon and it almost cost her her eyesight.
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her mom thought this was out of her reach. she squeezed. it the detergent went into her eyes and she couldn't open them for four days. >> for four days, we had to -- >> take care of me. >> take care of you. devastated, sick, worried. we didn't know if our daughter could see again. >> she's recovering but still having vision problems. doctors don't know if it will be permanent or not. >> coming up, governor o'malley went to the hardest hit areas and so did we. we'll tell you how long it will take to return to normal. more than 100 homes caught fire during sandy. you see an entire neighborhood burned to the ground. >> in the real estate market, it's all about the buzzword. >> and sandy as shifted our
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weather pattern, chill in the air. we'll talk about a spooky halloween forecast coming up.
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cloudy skies will be the story, i light west breeze. temperatures now in the upper 40s to low 50s. the light winds making it feel cooler than that. here we go your halloween evening forecast. 40s, spooky clouds. it will chel you to the bone if you don't wear that extra layer. i like the bear suit.
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you've seen the photos of the aftermath of sandy. you may wonder why the owners didn't secure them. >> we assume that people would use common sense. however, if there's someone who doesn't seem like they contacted us or they're not ambitious, we do contact them. >> they fared well. all right. now new york and new jersey continue to recover from superstorm sandy. it's not just clean up. >> that's right more problems. new ones are popping up. we continue our team coverage. >> reporter: in nrnlings an unimaginable sight. natural gas fires burn in the exclusive shore community where homes have collapsed. some have been tossed off their
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foundation. entire neighborhoods are gone. president obama toured the devastation with new jersey governor chris christie. even the iconic board walk is in ruined. >> looks like the pier was lifted up by the ocean. >> reporter: with roller coasters swallowed by the ocean. >> something i've never seen in my life. >> reporter: in new york, work continues to remove several feet of water from flooded subway tunnels and mayor michael bloomberg rang the opening bell while much of lower manhattan is still without power. damage from sandy is widespread. families had to be rescued from floodwaters. a search is underway for two brothers, ages two and four who became separated from their


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